MegaFon stands for...leadership and superservice

MegaFon strives to be the market leader and become a lifelong partner and a high-quality operator of choice. To deliver this vision, we are developing a superservice that not just fully addresses customer demands for high- quality communications services but also drives employee motivation. We aim to deploy the latest solutions and best customer service for all subscribers.

In 2021:
+6 %
customer base
+9 p. p.
Net promoter score (NPS) growth
66 %
customer satisfaction index (CSI)

Russia’s fastest mobile data

In 2021, MegaFon became Russia’s leader in mobile data speed for the fifth consecutive year, sustainably keeping ahead of our competition. Taking advantage of our superfast speeds, subscribers enjoy low-latency connectivity, ideal for online gaming, livestreaming, listening to music, chatting on the social media and messengers, watching movies, sharing files of any size, and much more.

State-of-the-art solutions for people and businesses

In 2021, MegaFon continued to expand its portfolio of digital services in the B2C and B2X segments. In particular, we were the first in Russia to launch a federal VoLTE network, introduce a cyber defense training platform, protect users against voice spam, offer a special family budget-saving tariff plan, and offer many other solutions.

Delivering the best customer experience

We make a continuous effort to improve the quality of our customer service and deploy cutting- edge solutions. In particular, in 2021, we launched Eva, a voice assistant who helps users not to miss important calls by answering them by herself, identifying the call source and purpose, keeping the conversation going, sending a missed call transcript to the user via a messenger, and much more.

MegaFon stands for...source of pride

In 2021:
employee engagement
revenue growth

for our customers, because we are their operator

MegaFon continuously develops its customer-centric approach, focusing on customer needs. Our aim is to give customers who are struggling to choose between offers the chance to get what they want right away, without having to decide whether it will work for them. Following this approach, we were able to grow our subscriber base and boost customer satisfaction in 2021.

for our people, because they work for us

MegaFon is a socially responsible business and one of the most attractive employers in Russia. We are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent by creating unique opportunities for career advancement and personal development. In 2021, MegaFon became Russia’s Best Employer according to Forbes, ranked second in the Best Company Award by Changellenge and third among the most attractive telecom companies for students in the FutureToday ranking.

for our shareholders, because we are their valued asset

In 2021, MegaFon continued to further improve its operational and financial performance, posting strong results on metrics such as revenue, OIBDA, net profit, and cash flow. We aim to become the market leader, not just meeting shareholder expectations but exceeding them.

MegaFon stands for...employees who

In 2021:
employees took external training programmes
employees received awards for their contribution to the development of the IT and telecommunications industry

doing things they can be proud of

Our team always sets the bar high and works hard to deliver the best results in the industry. In 2021, we made good progress, launching new ambitious projects: we opened the wide trial zone with 5G connectivity, pioneered the use of the VoLTE technology at the federal level, launched MegaFon+, our own multi-subscription platform, and much more.

work as a team

MegaFon employees are team players, focused on achieving a common goal. We hold regular joint training sessions and education programmes and encourage employees to be themselves while also being part of the team, standing behind the Company’s common goals. To do this, we foster engagement while providing access to comprehensive information about the Company’s activities as well as tools for self-expression, feedback and creative development for each employee.

get better every day

MegaFon strongly believes that a truly good product can only be created when its development team is focused on continuous improvement and is able to effectively and promptly adapt to changes. To foster this mindset, we hold sessions where employees get together with management to learn how to do effective postmortem reviews of completed projects, as we as roll out agile management methods to make employees feel valued and fulfilled at work.