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Strong brand and loyal customers

MegaFon is one of the most recognised Russian brands, positioning the Company as a principal provider of digital opportunities. We strive to be the best partner for life for our customers and a natural choice for those who actively use mobile data services and want to make their life and the world around them easy and exciting.

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No. 2
by value among Russian telecom brands
No. 6
among the strongest Russian brands
No. 13
by value among all Russian brands

According to Brand Finance, MegaFon remains the sixth strongest brand among all Russian companies for the third year running. In 2021, we were the 13th most valuable brand, having risen from No. 16, and we steadily ranked the 2nd among telecom operators.1

In 2021, MegaFon decided to abandon classic advertising formats and presented a multiepisode family blockbuster starring Bruce Willis and Azamat Musagaliev as a pair of special agents.

  1. According to the Brand Finance Russia 50 ranking, 2021.

Our infrastructure

We operate the largest and most advanced infrastructure in the Russian telecom industry, which enables us to achieve our ambitious strategic goals. To keep up with global trends and meet the growing demands of our customers, we continuously develop our telecom infrastructure by building new base stations and expanding network coverage, primarily with 4G and LTE Advanced services. Today, our 4G services are available across all our operating regions, with 5G trial zones actively introduced.

The largest number of 2G/3G/4G base stations in Russia
↑ 5.4%
> 203
,000 stations
4G coverage
↑ 2 p.p.
of the Russian population
Russian regions
VoLTE coverage

almost all Russian regions

↑ 2.3%
,000 km
assets and resources
assets and resources

Digital ecosystem

We are actively developing digital projects, partnerships and services to create a fully-fledged digital ecosystem for our customers. To that end, MegaFon has partnered with Group, Russia’s largest internet company, allowing us to combine our communications capabilities and infrastructure with cutting-edge internet technology. We are also expanding partnerships with ICS Holding, oneFactor,, Quantum-A, and other companies to develop B2X solutions.

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Big Data

MegaFon aggregates publicly available information on customer values, needs and behaviours, and uses big data analytics to better understand the needs of every single customer, and to develop the best products and offer unique solutions.

The Company regularly publishes socially significant big data research. In 2021, we shared analytics on the number of employees transitioned back from remote work and changes in their behaviour, the rise in TikTok’s popularity, people’s movement during the lockdown, new leaders among messengers, and much more.

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Professional team

Our highly professional team is critical for achieving the Company’s vision. Our ongoing employee training programmes and performance evaluations ensure the continuous development of our people. MegaFon runs a unique employee development programme across Russia called MegaAcademy. We place particular emphasis on recruiting and developing digital talent by holding regular conferences, hackathons, meetups, and other events covering artificial intelligence, Big Data, robotics, IT, infrastructure, and more. These are attended by both aspiring and seasoned professionals from among MegaFon’s current or future employees.

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Partnerships with market leaders

We see partnerships with market leaders as a critical resource for enhancing and growing MegaFon’s business. In 2021, MegaFon signed more new agreements with leading players from various industries, enabling the Company to expand its digital ecosystem and offer even more opportunities to its customers, entire industries, the state, and society at large.

assets and resources

Modern retail network

MegaFon’s retail network is our key customer channel.

In 2021, MegaFon continued to roll out its new, innovative Stores of the Future format where customers can test and choose smartphones, tablets and other gadgets and services without consulting a sales assistant, and pay for their purchases at a self-checkout.