MegaFon has come a long way since its entry into the Russian telecom market over 28 years ago. These years have seen a fundamental change in the mobile telecommunications industry, both in technology development and in customer needs. Throughout its history, MegaFon has followed a path of smart growth and innovative technology deployment not only in technological solutions, but also in marketing, internal processes and customer relations.


Establishment of the first pan–Russian federal telecom­munications operator.


Period of active growth and development.


Innovative technology development and investment in reinforcing leadership.


Focus on a balanced approach to investment in business development and efficient growth.

In May 2017, MegaFon presented its new ‘Driving the Digital World’ strategy for 2017–2020.


MegaFon transforms from a traditional telecom operator into a national provider of digital opportunities and a leader both in the Russian and global telecom markets.


MegaFon completes its three–year strategy cycle and is headed towards new heights in customer focus, high-quality growth, and stakeholder value creation.


MegaFon steadily consolidates its leadership and actively develops superservice to fully satisfy the needs of its customers and inspire its employees.