Аbout MegaFon

↑ 6%
million subscribers across all countries of presence
↑ 10%
million 4G devices registered on the network
years in the industry
↑ 5%
’000 2G/3G/4G base stations
about megafon

The fastest mobile data services in Russia — ahead of the market for five years running1

MegaFon’s mission

Providing opportunities

MegaFon’s goal

Become a digital market leader and first–choice data provider for individuals and businesses by offering top-of-the-line digital products and services

MegaFon today

Spanning the entire Russian Federation, MegaFon is a provider of digital opportunities and a leader in the Russian and global telecommunications markets.

about megafon

MegaFon has been steadily consolidating its leadership and developing superservice to satisfy its customers, employees and shareholders.

We provide IT and telecommunications services across all key areas, including mobile and fixed-line services, mobile and broadband internet, digital TV and OTT video services, innovative digital products and services across Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and processing, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, financial services, digital advertising and marketing, e-commerce, and converged IT solutions in system integration.

  1. According to Ookla®, MegaFon provides the fastest mobile internet in Russia: the average download speed exceeded 32.92 Mbit/s, and the average upload speed was 11.90 Mbit/s. Ookla® runs its independent survey globally on an annual basis. Its results are based on over 7 million speed tests run in the first half of 2021 via the Speedtest app on mobile devices owned by users across Russia. MegaFon has been topping Ookla’s ranking since 2017.

MegaFon Group

MegaFon combines all areas of the IT and telecommunications industry:

PJSC MegaFon

a telecom operator covering all segments of the telecommunications market across Russia

MegaFon Retail

is responsible for retail business, sales of communication equipment and services, and for customer service


develops high-potential innovative products and services


a video service producing content for a digital environment


provides broadband and fixed-line services


a joint venture between MegaFon and Quantum-A Foundation to develop digital products


a federal operator of high speed internet, voice and SMS services


about megafon


Sustainability and ESG

MegaFon is committed to sustainability principles and guided by best practices, and international regulations and standards, including the United Nations Global Compact and the Social Charter of Russian Business. In 2021, MegaFon maintained its focus on creating value for its stakeholders, with the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders as its top priority.

As the leader in the Russian telecommunications industry, MegaFon is able to contribute significantly to achieving the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Good health and well-being
  • Offering digital solutions for remote IoT-based health monitoring

Quality education
  • Supporting talented young people and technological innovations
  • Developing technical skills through educational programmes and training involving MegaFon experts

Decent work and economic growth
  • Creating high-skill jobs in areas such as Big Data, ICT and IoT
  • Driving economic growth and helping improve the quality of life

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Providing affordable retail communications services and a telecommunications infrastructure for industrial customers
  • Developing innovative mobile and digital services
about megafon

The ESG agenda is an integral part of our growth:

  • MegaFon’s social mission is to create opportunities that facilitate communication, social adaptation, fostering, guardianship and adoption, employment, and education. We seek to inspire people to find and explore all opportunities to the fullest.
  • We at MegaFon know how important it is to protect the environment and strive to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, however small it may be. In particular, we prioritise the use of alternative energy sources when constructing our base stations while fostering a culture of responsible consumption among our employees, abandoning paper and adopting many other initiatives
  • MegaFon’s corporate governance framework is inspired by Russian and international best practices to enhance our trust-based relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders