HR Management

In 2021, MegaFon articulated and approved its new strategy and ambition to become the best mobile operator, which guide our new human capital management policies aimed at fostering an environment conducive to building long–term and fair relationships with our employees.

In order to implement our new HR strategy and transform HR processes, we have developed and integrated a new value model supporting MegaFon’s market leadership vision and new ambitious strategic priorities, and redesigned or launched from scratch a number of solutions and services:

  • Organisational business model transformation, including our federal network of 73 regional offices
  • Goal-setting and motivation policy system to drive the achievement of the Company’s strategic ambitions
  • Automation of digital service selection and launch
  • New approach to business unit organisational structures to drive robust talent management and increases in employee remuneration
  • Training system supporting value-based employee development through tailored development plans
  • Career management programme for high-potential employees
Best Mobile Operator

The Company’s ambition is to become the first-choice telecom employer; therefore, all HR management initiatives under the Company’s updated strategy are focused on:

winning the competition for the best talent in the market:

  • Building our brand as the first-choice telecom employer, developing market positioning and employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Creating an environment that encourages professional development and growth, and provides tools for career planning and advancement for high-potential employees, including talent pool programmes for key regional positions, the HiPo programme at the parent company, and a career path platform for specialists and experts
  • Building long-term relationships with our employees

building and transforming our corporate culture:

  • Promoting a culture of leadership and high performance
  • Creating a positive environment for change and continuous improvement, which gives each employee the opportunity to influence the development of the Company
  • Driving strong employee engagement and loyalty

fostering smart management of human capital:

  • Improving the performance of HR investments
  • Building a data-driven human capital management system for better and faster management decision making
  • Digitising HR processes for better employee experience, including the Digital Reception programme, AI-based recruitment for less–skilled entry-level roles, ect



Our team at a glance

We have a very age-diverse talent pool, with close to 50% of our employees aged 26 to 35. MegaFon provides equal career opportunities for both men and women. Women account for 54% of MegaFon’s workforce. Our key selection criteria in hiring and promotion decisions include professionalism, leadership skills, and alignment of employee behaviour with our values.

Talent acquisition

For talent acquisition, MegaFon uses traditional and advanced recruitment tools and always applies a tailored approach to talent search by using the best mix of most efficient and relevant channels.

A search strategy is defined for each area, providing for the use of digital tools, search mapping, and customer-centric partnership as a candidate search and evaluation expert for recruiting managers.

Quality, speed and customer satisfaction index (CSI) are our key guiding principles in recruitment.

MegaFon became Russia’s Best Employer according to Forbes and ranked second in the Best Company Award by Changellenge and third among the most attractive telecom companies for students in the Future Today ranking.

MegaFon was recognised as one of Russia’s best employers in 2021:

Russia’s Best Employers 2021 ranking by Forbes
No. 2
Changellenge Best Company Award1
No. 3
Future Today2
  1. Among telecom companies, based on a survey of more than 6,000 students from top 33 Russian universities.
  2. Among telecom companies, based on FutureToday’s 2021 study covering 30 leading Russian universities.

Training and development

MegaFon continuously strives to improve its approach to employee development. In 2021, to ensure continuous training, we chose remote learning as our primary learning method and developed 174 courses and 37 programmes for this format.

In 2021, upskilling programmes and remote courses were delivered to our managers and employees over 200,000 times in total, with 2,825 employees taking external training programmes.

To develop its employees and managers, MegaFon extensively applies coaching tools, with 748 sessions delivered by internal coaches in 2021.

To integrate MegaFon’s updated model of corporate values across roles at all levels, we have developed a catalogue and added 24 new development programmes.

In 2021, we launched a new evaluation and goal-setting service, Top Performers, to improve the individual performance of each employee.

In 2021, we launched new digital services for employees:

  • Handset-based training for new employees, allowing them to study at their convenience
  • Chatbot-based simulators to practice sales skills and polish communication skills through conversation simulations with a chatbot
  • Chatbot for new employees to facilitate sales skills assessment

Mentoring programmes and management development programmes

In 2021, we rolled out a new systematic approach to training newly hired regional network managers, which places a strong focus on building professional and management skills along with mentoring. To help embrace our development strategy, corporate values and key goals, MegaFon has launched the MegaStart school for new managers and Leaders’ Time Academy.

MegaAcademy is MegaFon’s corporate university, offering training and development opportunities for our employees and partners.

MegaAcademy designs and runs proprietary programmes, makes arrangements for training by external providers, develops specialist training and mentoring systems, and manages online development and training systems.

management development programmes delivered to MegaFon managers in 2021
Mentoring and training program

Corporate culture and internal communications

Updated values of MegaFon

  • Doing things we can be proud of
  • Building a better customer experience
  • Acting as a team
  • Getting better every day
employee engagement
employee satisfaction

To implement MegaFon’s strategy to become the best mobile operator, we have built a system of values, which will serve as a beacon for employees and help shape our unique DNA.

Transforming our culture and fostering an environment for building long-term and fair relationships with our employees lie at the heart of our updated HR strategy. The updated values underpin our business strategy and provide a clear hands-on guide on weekly job routines and teamwork.

MegaFon’s internal communications primarily focus on building a unified information space, communicating the current agenda, fostering team engagement, and providing every employee with access to tools for an open dialogue, feedback and development.

In 2021, we introduced new employee communication tools: in order to build a continuous improvement culture at the Company, we launched #BeEnterprising, a service to collect, evaluate and implement ideas for change with a positive economic benefit for business. Over the first two months, over 120 suggestions were submitted by our employees.

In 2021, we revised our approach to conducting internal research and engagement surveys in order to improve data transparency, improve employee response rates, and enable peer comparisons. In particular, in November 2021, we conducted a survey on an independent external platform, with its findings suggesting high levels of employee engagement (89.5%) and satisfaction (84.7%). Most business and process organisation components also had high scores.

We intend to continue placing a strong focus on employee development and their interactions within teams. We believe that smooth and consistent communications at all levels have a direct impact on the performance, corporate culture, sustainability, and overall success of the Company. Management will focus on fostering a safe environment in which employees can freely and directly ask questions, discuss the current agenda, and suggest initiative or solutions to a problem.

Social support

Employee health, safety and security have always been a top priority for the Company. It is important for us to provide our people with a benefits package as extensive and flexible as possible.

We provide our employees with:

  • voluntary health insurance policies
  • discounted insurance for family members
  • accident insurance policies
  • partial reimbursement of expenses for fitness programmes
  • temporary disability pay
  • hardship allowances to employees and their family members
  • reimbursement of mobile phone expenses
  • reimbursement of other expenses, including relocation.

In 2021, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MegaFon continued to support employees in hardship through financial assistance and medical treatment beyond the VHI programme.

Occupational health and safety

In 2021, the occupational health management system and related regulations at MegaFon were revised and updated to comply with the current and amended government regulations. To reflect changes to legislative requirements, regulations for hazardous work and contractor engagements were revised, along with the corresponding occupational safety guidelines. Local regulations on health checks were revised to comply with the new Order of the Russian Ministry of Health No. 29n dated 28 January 2021.

The Company has developed the necessary organisational and administrative documents for its occupational health management system and local regulations, further detailing areas of responsibility, as well as the objectives of business units and process owners, and outlining additional regulation for these areas.

Our automation and digitisation efforts launched in 2021 aim mainly at streamlining cross-functional processes and enhancing the overall performance of the occupational safety management system. Key organisational and administrative documents were translated into standard forms for subsequent automation of document drafting and updating, while the major occupational safety areas were automated, including health checks, special assessment of working conditions, and partially training, accounting and PPE issuance.

In order to reduce injuries and improve working conditions, the Company carried out all measures it had planned for 2021:

  • Training and testing of employees on occupational health policy, including unscheduled tests to reflect amendments to government regulations in 2021
  • Provision of training and retraining at specialised training centres to employees whose job involves additional hazards
  • Special assessments of working conditions and operational control
  • Mandatory pre-employment and regular health checks, and mandatory examinations of employees
  • Provision of workwear, safety footwear, and PPE, as well as safety equipment and hand sanitiser, to employees
  • Scheduled and unscheduled OHS compliance audits across MegaFon
  • Assessment of occupational risks and communicating the results to Company employees
  • Efforts to ensure a safe working environment, reduce work-related injuries and improve working conditions

To enhance our COVID-19 response, we enabled our employees to continue using three types of working arrangements in 2021: office, remote or a hybrid format. At the same time, MegaFon developed a concept offering new work schedules to its employees once they return to the office — a hybrid and a completely remote working model.

In 2021, on top of following all COVID-2019 measures recommended by authorities — equipping premises with temperature screening devices, hand sanitiser and surface disinfectants, and providing workers with PPE — the Company set up a system to continuously update and instruct workers on COVID-19 prevention, testing and vaccination. In addition to this, all necessary measures were taken to prevent the spread of the disease within the Company during the peaks of the COVID-19 infections and their associated lockdowns.

Occupational health and safety